The concept

The Scuderia Veloce is a must have for watch AND car enthusiasts.

And for people who know the difference between seriously good design and bad, boring design, as well as the difference between an innovative, professionally executed, slightly crazy idea and another one of the been-there-done-that category.

Concept studies

Heiko, our designer, starts in the traditional way with sketching by hand. A long process before going into the construction on the computer.

No doubt, we have a lot of experience in making watches work. The movement part, the basics like stems, crowns, hands – all the essential gear stuff – is just daily business for us.

We know the companies who can produce all of that in the demanded quality. And we don’t only know these guys here in Biel Bienne, but also in – yes! – China. And we know, whom we can trust, and they can trust us, be it here or in Asia.

For pricing reasons, we decided to produce some of the components of the Scuderia Veloce by our trusted suppliers from China. Without making a secret out of it, because there is just no reason for that.

And without compromising quality, of course.

Read about our opinion about «Swiss Made»

Modular system

The concept of the Scuderia Veloce is modular. The carrozzeria can be exchanged easily with the supplied Blasta-screwdriver. Just have a look at the video here.

No, it's not minimalist

If you see the many many microbrands popping up, most of them do „minimalist design“, „Scandinavian design“ or „affordable luxury“, and so on.

A Blasta Watch is a bold statement on the wrist.