Technics: La macchina

Mechanical or Quartz

There is a tendency among watch collectors that only mechanical movements are «real» movements. Well, that’s one way to see it.

The discussions can be epic. And the may be as useless as the one if mechnical shifting is the only way to drive a car or if Diesel, Gasoline or Electric is the right choice.

We just leave it up to you to decide.

We offer a more budget-friendly option of the watches with a quartz movement. And for the mechanical enthusiast there is of course one with a mechanical, self-winding movement.

Proven workhorses

For the Scuderia Veloce ist was obvious that we wouldn’t put the focus on high-end watchmaking, but on an affordable, well built engine.

That’s why we chose the ETA 2824-2 as movement for the mechanical version. It’s just a proven workhorse.

And, honestly, there is just no better movement in that price range. It’s reliable, every good watchmaker can fix ist, you will find spare parts everywhere in the world.

And even if we are sworn-in hardcore aficionados of mechanical movements,  we decided to make a version, that’s a bit more accessible for smaller budgets, with a Swiss made Quartz movement from Ronda.

Because even a Porsche Diesel with Tiptronic is still a Porsche. Well, sort of.

About «Swiss made»

Read about our opinions and observations about the «Swiss made»-label here.

Like an American V8

The mechanical movements from ETA (which is part of the Swatch group) are proven, solid «workhorses» of very good quality.

These movements are made in huge series. Many watch companies use them, even if sometimes they think it is smart to give them different caliber names to make customers believe, that they developed the movement themeselves.

Ask a good watchmaker – he will confirm this.

Do you really think this Iso Grifo is less gorgeous because it doesn’t have an Italian-breed engine?

To make the car-guys among you understand it: See it a bit as the legendary Bizzarinis, De Tomasos, Iso Grifos, Jensen Interceptors and other finely italian styled and/or built delicate cars, powered with much less delicate, but – oh boy! – powerful big V8 engines from Ford or Chrysler. They were called «hybrids», before that term was used for the Priuses of this world.

Not extremely subtle or fuel efficient, but unbeatable in reliability and sound. And you still get all the spare parts after decades.

In our hearts, we are just simple men – so of course we love them.