BLASTA: Passion for design & jewellery

Fabian and Heiko, both very experienced in their working fields and friends since decades, started their company «Blasta» a couple of years ago, launching a collection of automotive-design inspired high-end fingerrings.

Extraordinary stones, incorporated in bold fingerrings made of precious metals, designed with extraordinary and iconic car design in mind.

They exhibited in several fairs, had appearances in famous places like Beverly Hills, Pebble beach, Gstaad  and in one of the most extraordinary car collections in the US. 

Curious? Check out the website of Blasta.

Why Blasta watches?

First of all, we are watchnuts and all wanted one ourselves. Then, some of our similarly-minded friends in the watch industry did, when we showed them the designs.

Honestly, we also think ourselves that they are really cool.

And finally a watch that really makes the link between iconic automotive and contemporary watch design.

With our backgrounds, we are in the privileged position that we don’t really have to produce these watches to make our living. We have fine jobs and situations. We don’t need to make a lot of money with the Scuderia Veloce. And we don’t need greedy «business angels» that throw you out of your own company once it is successful.

We started this company because we really like these watches and we are convinced that people who love good car design and good watch design will like them as we do.

We want to stay independent. That’s why we have no investors, because we have seen too many examples of founders being pushed out of their company, once it starts to be successful. We have put our own funds in the project – but we also need you.

If you think, this is a good and serious philosophy and you like what we do, join us and back us in the Kickstarter campaign that will be launched in october 2019.


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