What does Swiss Made mean?

Reality is different

Do you really think all of us sit the all day long in front of the Matterhorn and play the Alphorn before going back home to milk cows and produce cheese and chocolate? (Unless we are bankers and count and launder money the whole day).

Reality is different in Switzerland, as is the reality with the «Swiss Made»-label. The expression is rather strained….

We prefer to be honest about how we make our watches.

The Swiss part in our watches:

  • Design, development, engineering
  • Part of the case treatments
  • Engravings
  • Special custom made screws
  • Movements (Quartz and automatic)
  • Assembly
  • Quality control
  • Management & marketing

The Asian part
(in cooperation with Swiss partners on site):

  • Case, dial, hands
  • Straps
  • Packaging

Everything from Switzerland?

If you are a just a little bit more interested in watches, you quickly will find out (or have already), that „Swiss Made“ doesn’t mean literally that everything is made in Switzerland.
(Click here to read about the regulations for a watch being allowed to put «Swiss made» on the dial).

Medium-prized watch brands are financially obliged to produce certain parts in China (and higher-end brands do it as well, but prefer to be very discrete about it).

Producing outside of Switzerland is not a bad thing – but trying to hide it is.

There are different categories of companies in China. The ones we chose as partners are the ones that work since decades for the Swiss watch industry. They are often owned and managed by Swiss people who spent many years in the Swiss watch business before they moved to China for the challenge.

They proved that they are able to deliver first class quality, and this often more in time than many Swiss companies. And that they treat their people better than world famous Smartphone companies.

So nothing to be worried about, if the Blasta Watch does not put that «Swiss made»-label on its dials.

Even if legally we would be allowed to do so.