When petrolheads start to design watches….

This is what happens when petrolheads start to design watches: The “Scuderia Veloce” is the result of a collaboration between Blasta (manufacturer of automotive-design inspired high-end rings) and veterans from the Swiss watch industry….

Thanks watch-insider for this story about Blasta Watch:


Proud to be in good company with the PP 5650…..

Verdict: fortunately, we were able to see one of the prototypes in Basel. While, at first, we were surprised by the rather unconventional design, its unique 70s vibe soon started to have an effect on us as well. There are already so many watches with the same conservative design on the market, that it’s more than refreshing to see what happens when an outsider like Blasta starts to apply the rules of car design to a watch. And if you are scared of hitting your watch on a doorknob, the idea of an interchangeable “body” might just be the perfect thing for you…

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