Get your Blasta watch.

The Scuderia Veloce automatica

Silver arrow automatica

CHF 2510.-

Nero profondo automatica

CHF 2380.-

Rosso scuderia automatica

CHF 2380.-

Argento automatica

CHF 2280.-

The Scuderia Veloce Quartz

Silver arrow

CHF 1570.-

Nero profondo

CHF 1440.-

Rosso scuderia

CHF 1440.-


CHF 1340.-

The Scuderia Veloce collector's editions

The complete collection in one set

For the dedicated collector the Scuderia Veloce will be available in a very attractive set, presented in a cool suitcase, including:

  • One Scuderia Veloce silver arrow (1)
  • All three other carrozzerias (nero profondo, rosso scuderia, argento) (2/3)
  • One additional leather strap (4)
  • A custom made Blasta screwdriver to change the carrozzerias (6)
  • A professional tool to change the straps (7)
  • Replacement Blasta screws (5)
  • Replacement spring bars (8)
  • Special engravings on the back of the watch
  • One addtional year of warranty

The collector’s set will be available for both, the Quartz and the Automatica versions.

Prices and details will be communicated when the Kickstarter campaign is launched.



additional carrozzerias (top elements)


additional carrozzerias (bottom elements)


reserve screws


additional strap


Scuderia veloce silver arrow watch


Blasta custom screwdriver


strap changing tool


reserve spring bars

Scuderia Veloce Quartz:

CHF 3660.-

Scuderia Veloce Automatica:

CHF 4600.-



Additional cases

The modular concept of the Scuderia Veloce will allow you to to change the case (the carrozzeria) of your Blasta Watch in a very simple way. Additional cases can be purchased separately.

Additional straps

If you would like to change the look of your Scuderia Veloce, different strap options will be available for separate purchase.

Sales policies

Direct sales

Blasta Watches are primarily offered online directly by us, the manufacturer. But we are open for committed sales partners or company partnerships.

Just contact us if you would like to cooperate with us or have another interesting proposition.

Free watches

Please note: we are not interested in giving watches to resellers in consignment.

And even if you are the most important influencer ever with billions and billions of followers: we don’t give away our cool watches for free. If you really like them, buy one – the price is extremely correct for what you get, and even more attractive during the Kickstarter campaign.


All price indications are in Swiss Francs (CHF) excluding shipping and your local VAT.